Postage Stamp: Tucson, Arizona

Greetings from Tucson

Pulling onto Tucson’s Broadway Boulevard, both Hadyn and TomTom are barking at me for directions.  By now, the paper map is layered in greasy finger prints and questionable stains; I’ve finally managed to contain our collection of brochures and postcards inside the glove compartment; food supplies are running low (one can of hot sauce and a bruised box of rice); and the car requires an intense vacuum.

Our road trip is over.

It’s retiring in the same place as most elderly Americans.  “#1 Sunniest Retirement Spot in America!” boast billboards for “Adults-Only” RV parks.  We will establish ourselves in Catalina State Park, on the outskirts of Spanish-sounding suburbs: Oro Valley, Marana, Casas Adobes.  Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, we will drive down to Nogales.  Forgetting my passport at home, the Mexican border taunts me unfairly.

But that, I suppose, will be another destination for another road trip.

Final  stop on our Southwest American road trip: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona

Previous stops: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona

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