South Pacific Travel Stories

Previously reviewed books and articles focusing on travel in the South Pacific:

A Land of Two Halves, by Joe Bennett A Land of Two Halves Joe BennettBennett, a British expat, decides to study the country that has kept him settled for the past decade. In pure Kiwi style, he packs a bag and heads to the roadside to hitch his way around.  This first step – requiring a trust in strangers and faith in positive outcomes, two of the country’s most appealing cultural aspects – is part of a longer journey that takes Bennett up and down the oddly-shaped islands of New Zealand.  To call Bennett’s style as Bryson-esque is not quite right; for, though he writes with a similar tone of sarcastic protestation, Bennett further carries through the Kiwi dry wit that stumps so many foreigners.  His travelogue is not heavy or long, but an interesting and light-hearted read. 

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