Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

At Nundroo Roadhouse, waiting was a time of day. Every time of day, it often seemed. Those three months weren’t just a rare employment opportunity – they were a lesson in patience…

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Every Departure Is An Arrival

It’s a well-honed habit, the final actions of a traveler who has done this a thousand times before. Pen out, one last entry scribbled in the journal that’s acted as silent companion during this portion of the journey.

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The Devil In The Details, and 8 Other Ways To Tell You’re In Tasmania

Two heads. Webbed feet. Snaggle teeth. An assortment of unflattering body parts that supposedly separate inbred Tasmanians from the rest of Australia. However mercilessly the Mainlanders may laugh at the island, locals shrug it off with a stoic pioneer spirit. During my six months here, I’ve realized that they’ll gladly trade a little laughter in order to keep secret the paradise that is their home.

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