Little Princes (An Armchair Travel Book Review)

As featured on The Traveling Advisor:Little Princes, by Conor Grennan

Too many travel narratives are written about the highly improbable, crazy or suicidal, vain-glorious antics someone participates in simply to publish.  Too few are written accidentally, by honest travelers.

Conor Grennan is at least frank.  He confesses, within the first pages, that his round-the-world-trip plus volunteer-stint-in-Nepal was planned as a feel-good future pickup line.

But then he meets the orphans at Little Princes.  And Grennan – a 20-something American with no prior experience in childcare or global development – discovers that he is more than just a foreign helper in an orphanage for trafficked children.

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2 responses to “Little Princes (An Armchair Travel Book Review)

  1. That is one moving book that opens our eyes and heart to what is truly happening outhere. A book that shows us another world most of us don’t want to see cause they are too painful but it’s time that we all should. Great post.

    • Thanks IT! I traveled through Asia with this book last year, saw it passed around to a number of people, and even had a few male friends say it brought tears…

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