Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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Call me cliche, but the greenest green I’ve ever seen grows around the mossy stones of Blarney Castle, County Cork.  Thrice I have kissed the mystical stone, and thrice I have reveled in these rich, Kelly-green hues.  Whether my belief is inspired by the dramatic contrast of color against Ireland’s ever-gray skies, or the passionate loyalty the country stirs in all visitors, it seems only fitting that the true definition of green belongs to Eire.

3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

  1. Love your photos! I knew a lot of nature shots will come up for this week’s theme! What a beautiful world we have 😉
    I’m just wondering though, what we’re you doing lying down?

    • Thanks, Aian! The Blarney stone is in a very awkward position inside the castle walls, and you have to lay down and lean backward through a hole to kiss it…I supposed it makes the whole experience a bit more exciting : )

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