Five Things to Do Today if You Feel Stuck

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1. Download a foreign playlist.

Did you know you can change your iTunes store location?  And with it, the artists and albums featured?  Switch your preferences to New Zealand or Malaysia and download the free song of the week.  Listen to it when you start to feel overwhelmed and remind yourself: the only thing keeping you from hearing this at a live gig is a few extra hours of work, and a plane ticket.

2. Cook Cambodian. 

Or Ethiopian.  German.  Something you’ve never eaten before.  Look up a new recipe and head to the grocery store.  In buying ingredients and learning how to create a foreign cuisine, you’ll be challenging more than just your taste buds.

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Cooking class, Battambang- Cambodia

Hadyn Fitzptrick pounds spices to make fish amok at a cooking class in Battambang, Cambodia

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