Postage Stamp: Santa Barbara, California, USA

postcard Mission Santa Barbara

“I could live here” is the highest compliment to give a place.

And you, Santa Barbara – with your vintage street signs, perfectly-spaced palm trees, stucco public spaces and pervading smell of fresh bread – you make me feel contentment. Not sure if it’s the lazy mornings that begin on the sand and end at a cellar door, or the cozy way those Santa Ynez mountains cuddle the Pacific Ocean.

But something about your eternal summer vibe and Spanish-throwback architecture makes me wish this weekend would turn into a permanent relocation.

Or at least that my excuse to leave sounded stronger than “work begins on Monday…”


Mission Santa Barbara postcard sourced by Creative Commons – Boston Public Library.

3 responses to “Postage Stamp: Santa Barbara, California, USA

  1. This sounds like just the place to get to for a return to peace and solitude! The East Coast answer is Charleston, S.C. Looking forward to reading more of you.

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