Why Celebrating Holidays With Kids Is Like Traveling With Kids

celebrating holidays with kids

I shed glitter instead of skin cells, dusting the sofa, my sweaters, with a fine magical powder. Pine needles dodge the vacuum only to appear later on dinner plates. The postal worker knows us all by first name. And “gettin’ Christmasy” is a state of being.

But my daughter, Aila, feels the same way about festivities as I do about traveling: that both are unavoidable expressions of joy, meant to be embraced and shared. And that celebrating holidays with kids – much like traveling with kids – should be stamped onto the yearly calendar as often as possible…

getting Christmasy with kids

Enthusiasm is born in a bit of planning, and grows into a physical feeling that sits somewhere in your stomach – above Nerves, and right next to Youthful Bliss.

baby in Christmas box

Hope dawns brilliantly with each new day. “Is it time? Is this the moment our preparations turn into the real thing?”

opening presents with kids

A thousand other questions follow. Literally. A thousand. About everything…

celebrating holidays with kids selfie

Of course, you go overboard – shopping, packing, organizing (and explaining) – only to find that the simplest ideas are the ones most appreciated by all.

celebrating Christmas with kids

Fussiness morphs into flexibility. You’re so keen to experience new things, every taste and activity becomes a treat.

celebrating Christmas with kids tree

Exuberant behavior (singing at the top of your lungs; a late glass of wine) is excused with the motto, “After all, it’s a holiday!”

handmade souvenirs ornaments

Gifts and souvenirs are typically handmade.

making holiday memories with kids

Introducing your children to the magic of the world, you can do all the cheesy fun things that you felt too ‘grown-up’ to do before.

celebrating holidays with kids family photo

Memories and traditions are created with astonishing speed, then cherished forever.


Happy holidays from our nomadic family to yours – wherever in the world this finds you!


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