DIY Gifts You Can Make While You Travel

DIY gifts you can make while you travel

Chocolate is my fall-back. Cheap, lovable and easy to wrap, this sweet treat has filled family stockings for years. While living in New Zealand, everyone received blocks of Whittaker’s. From Switzerland, I shipped out logs of Toblerone – entirely unaware it could be purchased just as easily at the neighborhood supermarket.

Being away from home during the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t do presents. These last-minute DIY gifts can be made while you’re traveling – with just a few dollars and the things you probably already have in your luggage. (Or can find in an Airbnb cupboard/local corner store).

  • Remember, it’s not the size of the present but the thought behind it that spreads goodwill this season. Why not send a hand-lettered, homemade card? The Postman’s Knock has all sorts of examples that use common supplies – like maps, fabric scraps and markers – to spruce up someone’s mail box.

The Postman's Knock handmade cards

  • Don’t stop there! Pop that card into a hand-folded envelope like The Crafty Blog Stalker. Pick a design from her roundup, fold and embellish with whatever decorative bits you can find. (Stamps, stickers, tickets, magazine scraps…)

The Crafty Blog Stalker paper envelopes

  • Or use Infarrantly Creative’s cereal box postcards to send family and friends a bit of recycled flavor. If you’re not a cereal eater, try using snack boxes or other packaging from a place on your travels.

Infarrantly Creative cereal box postcards

  • If you’re thinking distinctly Christmas (+ tree), send an ornament. It All Started With Paint uses festive paper in dangling cookie cutter frames, but maps or photographs would also look cool hanging from a pine bough.

It All Started With Paint cookie cutter ornaments

  • Boxy Colonial turns salt dough ornaments into travel souvenirs. Can’t find a cookie cutter in the shape of your current country location? Draw out a paper shape and cut the dough around it.

Boxy Colonial salt dough ornaments

  • An old hardcover book from a local market or dusty hostel shelf turns into a clever keepsake box by Key Lime Digital Designs,  shared on How Does She? Stuffed with mementos from your trip, it may make someone back home feel like they’re traveling, too.

Key Lime Digital Designs book keepsake box

  • A little thread and ribbon transform a washcloth into a handy travel pouch for toiletries. While WhiMSy love made hers with a sewing machine, you can try a simplified version with a travel sewing kit. (And then make a second one, to use during the rest of your trip).

WhimSy love washcloth travel pouch

  • If a card is too long, simplify your message with a word garland like How Do  You Make That. Spell out whatever your heart wants to say and cover the letters with used maps or funky paper.

How Do You Make That word garland

  • And no matter what you create, make sure the gift’s just as attractive outside as inside using Paper & Stitch’s postage stamp gift wrap.

Paper & Stitch postage stamp giftwrap

Don’t have access to all the necessary supplies? You can always substitute:

  • scissors for hole punches and X-acto knives
  • normal craft glue for Modge Podge
  • recycled paper (maps, brochures, newspaper, magazines, etc) for art paper or stationary

What creative gifts are you sending from your travels? Explore more creative DIY ideas on my Pintrest page!

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