Travel Theme: Grey

grey travel day

After three weeks of family vacation, we were bound to hit a grey point. Though no one ever wants to believe the break-in-routine-brightness of a vacation can dim, it’s inevitable. The culmination of too much adventure. You know the sort: yesterday’s jokes are over-used, food tastes bland, the thought of a nap is both tantalizing and guilt-inducing.

But with any luck, spirits will revive tomorrow. Optimistically, we’ll allow ourselves a stretch of short temper, a bit of bad conversation. Tomorrow, I’m sure, we’ll reawaken to the magic of this journey, and things will feel golden again.

(Brought to you by Aila’s first family vacation and  Where’s My Backpack?)

6 responses to “Travel Theme: Grey

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Sometimes vacay is just too much of a good thing! And we’ve found that with kids in tow, it’s good to get them back into a routine. Best wishes for a great end to summer.

  2. Reminds me of when we used to get into our “fights” while on our adventures. We’d each get a bit cranky, but would be good by morning 🙂 Miss you, Mutch. A lot.

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