Introducing: Gone Workabout

Working Holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand

“My life is better than your two-week holiday.” – Written on a women’s bathroom wall, Queenstown, New Zealand

The arrogant chalk statement, scrawled above the pub toilet in New Zealand’s “Adventure Capital,” demanded my attention.

Recently arrived in the country on a twelve-month working holiday visa, barely 24 and full of youth’s vanity, my life had, indeed, turned into a seemingly-endless vacation.

“How do you do it?” friends and relatives asked. The answer was all too simple: I applied for a working holiday visa online and, within 24 hours, had received Immigration approval and booked a one-way flight.

Hiking Franz Josef Glacier, New ZealandLiving and working abroad is too often presented as an immense and time-consuming challenge, when the actual application and travel processes are as easy as we allow them to be. I’ve been on the road for 7 years now, and still find easy reasons to keep on moving.

“When we are young, we look at challenges as something fun. It’s only as we got older, that we let them stop us from accomplishing things.” – Greek wisdom from my friend, Katerina

Which is why I’d like you to meet my newest and most exciting writing venture, Gone Workabout.

Joining an impressive group of female writers at the extensive Wanderlust and Lipstick, Gone Workabout will focus on everything you’ve ever wanted to know/needed to understand/wondered about foreign employment and long-term travel.Screen shot, Gone Workabout

From details on the visa process to packing reviews; excuses to travel and resources for job hunting abroad; volunteer options and employment opportunities.

Go workabout with me, as I discover and share the best information for a potential future of long-term travel. Turn your own life into a realistic and eternal holiday!

Leave your words with me!

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