Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

From its dusty sienna soils to its leathery locals, Australia earns the poetic moniker “A Sunburnt Country.”  Sand, skin tones, fresh produce and paint works are all shaded from pale red to the brightest yellows and oranges; hues that reflect not just the country’s southern location, but its indomitable spirit and enthusiasm for life outdoors.

“I love a sunburnt country/ A land of sweeping plains/ Of ragged mountain ranges/ Of droughts and flooding rains.

I love her far horizons/ I lover her jewel-sea/ Her beauty and her terror- The wide brown land for me!”

-Dorothea Mackeller

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

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  2. Love the Sunkissed images and the vibrant colors that reflects a country where adventure and fun never ends. There was a time I wanted to migrate their instead of the U.S. I bet I would have the most amazing of times. Have a great day.

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