A Wise Person is One Who Says ‘Thank You’, Pt. 2

An anecdote: Traveling puts us at the mercy of strangers.  Especially when stumbling over the barriers of language, minute relationships are built on help – freely given – and gratitude – given back.

Perched cautiously in the doorway of the school in Mae Hong Song, Thailand, (my remote home for three months), I needed obvious assistance.  One female student grabbed my elbow and led me into the kitchen; two tugged at my overweight backpack, while a third rushed me a glass of water from the reused pop bottles in the fridge.  It’s difficult to speak with several swallows of liquid in your throat; and, before I could gulp out a desperate expression of my appreciation, they were thanking me.

“Thank you teacher,” as they struggled to heave my luggage upstairs and quickly wash my dirty glass.  “Thank you for your kindness.”

Karenni students

Three delicious, spicy meals a day were just a few of the thousand things for which I gave my Karenni students ‘thanks’.

Eventually, together, we learned a few more useful English phrases.  I managed to convince them of my own dish-washing skills, and picked up their same eager hospitality.  More than anything, we built our friendships on one unequivocal maxim:  A wise person is one who says ‘thank you’…

A segue: Tay bwe, my Karenni students would say, to Traveler Soul for her nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  If I could return the nomination, I would!  Her ongoing blogging journey demonstrates how long-term travel is a lifestyle, not just a brief holiday.  And isn’t that the inspiration we all need?

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


And thanks to everyone brave enough to share their own thoughts, dreams and anecdotes with the online community!

4 responses to “A Wise Person is One Who Says ‘Thank You’, Pt. 2

  1. Sounds like a great place to be working at!

    I feel like the kindness I’ve seen in other countries is lacking in the states today. The majority of people are so focused on getting to the next place or buying the newest whatever that it seems pleases and thank you’s are forgotten.

  2. Thank you so much for nominating my blog Kelli. I am always surprised and honored to receive such awards. It’s a great reminder of what a fantastic blogging community we have here at WordPress. I am constantly stumbling across new and beautiful blogs and people, and you are no exception. Keep up the wonderful words! – Rene

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