New Year’s Resolution #4: Loose Weight/ Get Fit (That Is, Sharpen Your Athletic Skills)

Goggles and hat strewn beyond my twisted elbow.  Flakes wedged under a belligerent tailbone.  Shoulders bruised, fingers shaky.  I crashed and crumpled, when I should have tucked and rolled.

Snowboarding would kill me.

After five years away from winter sports, the very thought- me, strapping two skinny planks to vein-crushing boots and plummeting down North America’s most vertical mountain – induced panic.

But Revelstoke is a mountain town, so I compromised.   After a two-hour snowboarding class, I’d be shredding pow, grinding groomers, and all those other impressive athletic feats my flatmates drooled over.

This is the result of my enthusiasm to incorporate fitness into my new year:

Snowboarding, Revelstoke, Canada

Snowboarding at Revelstoke Mountain: You can imagine the pain…

Or, rather, the consequences of incorporating packed snow up my nasal passage, 27 times.

New Year’s Resolution #4: Worried about breaking this?  Don’t learn to snowboard.  Visit Revelstoke Mountain Resort for further information on their winter sports programs.

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