Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Badlands, South Dakota

On the 360-degree horizons of South Dakota, beyond is a word without limitations.   Though my gaze rests on the immediate edge of a grassy cliff, traveling beyond would bring me to this lone male explorer.   Beyond him sleep the harrowing red gorges of the Badlands.   Beyond them, endless prairies return…

8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. I will never forget my first time seeing the Badlands. I was young and still literal with language. They were so beautiful I couldn’t understand why they were bad.

    • Always glad to find people who have visited South Dakota- not high on many travel lists! I know the “bad” naming stems from the Lakota native language, something in reference to the area’s inability to support life…

      • I learned a lot about language that summer. The Badlands had no trees. The Black Hills had so many they looked black. Devil’s Tower was hell to walk around. Yellowstone hadn’t a single yellow stone. It was spark after spark after spark…family vacations rock!

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