“Share or Die”: It’s The Same in Any Language

Monks the Lonely Planet in Halin, Burma

Si La Nanda, monk friend and guide, reads Lonely Planet’s paragraph on Halin, Burma, to the young monks who live there.  No journey is accomplished without sharing information and languages along the way.

Every one of you has traveled at some point, or shown an interest in the world around you. You’ve lived on a shoestring, or exchanged ideas with other backpackers. So I know you’ll understand what I wrote in this competition piece: that our community grows stronger when we give and take without cost. And learning a language is one of the easiest,  greatest ways we can share!

“Share or Die” is a competition sponsored by Shareable online magazine. As the title hints, it is also a campaign to raise our understanding of a new, growing global system: SHARING to survive."Share or Die" competition, Shearable Magainze

While I’d love for you to vote for my mine, “The Same in Any Language”, there are a hundred grand stories about sharing on the road.  Money might pay for a flight, but it’s not the only currency a traveler uses…
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