Go Walkabout, Vol. 2

The Man (Josh Shirk) and The Inspiration (The Other Kelli)

The sequel to “Andy’s” original creation, the KTeam Walkabout soundtrack.  His second playlist adds more energized numbers; these  get-up beats are brilliant when paired with pent-up restlessness.  I.e. Appropriate when you want to throw on your iPod and physically run away from the city…

  1.  Yeaysayer – 2080
  2.  Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica
  3.  Owl City – Fireflies
  4.  Okkervil River – No Key, No Plan
  5.  Nick Drake – Time Has Told Me
  6.  The Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
  7.  M. Ward – Chinese Translation
  8.  Jens Lekman – Sipping On The Sweet Nectar (Bodkin Irkuk’s Love Nectar Mix)
  9.  Jamie Lidell – Multiply
  10.  Hercules and Love Affair – Blind
  11. Grandaddy – Elevate Myself
  12. Girls – Hellhole Ratrace
  13. The Avalanches – Since I Left You
  14. Animal Collective – My Girls

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