Whether we like it or not, our generation is a product of the Lonely Planet guidebook industry.  So this is not a list of tourist “Things to Do in The Philippines”; this is a list of local “Must Share” experiences.  A compilation of images, tastes and opportunities that are indelible to one place, and – unlike museum entrance fees and hostel names – won’t change over time.  These things, the obvious and the unassuming, are so distinctly Malaysian, they make the islands different from every other country in Southeast Asia.

“Selamat Datang” = Welcome to The Pearl of The Orient!

While visiting, you should:

  • Learn Bhasa Malay
  • Heed the call to prayer
  • Follow the food trails


Have you been to Malaysia?  What experiences do you think are a distinct part of any visit to the Pearl of the Orient?

*Last updated June, 2012*

Leave your words with me!

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