Postage Stamp: San Diego, California, USA

vintage postcard San DIego fishing pier

The two-hour drive south (“In good traffic,” as Angelenos would warn), has become so easy, I find myself asking if we can move here. Two hours isn’t a bad commute in Southern California, right?

You might remember the last time I wrote, the time I decided that it was better to commute two hours north and spend out our days in Santa Barbara?

That was wrong. Because not only is San Diego warmer, more mellow and mere miles from a foreign border, but the people there say “Hi” to strangers. On the sidewalk. On purpose! Just to be nice!

In LA, this sort of behavior marks me as the weird Midwesterner. But if that’s how they do it in SD, then maybe it’s no coincidence those initials also stand for South Dakota -because I often find myself asking if we can move there, too…

Vintage Postcard – San Diego Fishing Pier sourced, without changes, by Creative Commons – Flickr.


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