Here And Now: Almost Home

discover challenge, Spearfish South Dakota

There’s a place, just before the creek bridge, where the road curves under shadows. For a moment – a few cool seconds – aspens drape the truck in their shade. Just one hand on the wheel and all the windows down, I think I could drive this stretch forever. But somewhere up ahead, that right turn will take me Home.

No matter where I travel, no matter how long I am away, this remains the most beautiful place in the world.

polaroid, discover homeWhen I hit that last patch of gravel, country music starts to play and eagles call from the pristine skies above. Black Hills pines whisper, surely saying, “Welcome back.” America may run in the water out here, but South Dakota pumps through our veins. Right here and now, everything is as it should be – forever and always, Home.

(Brought to you by Weekly Discover Challenge).

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