Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

Santa Monica beach, narrow

There’s a narrow breath of calm between a wave’s ebb and flow; a brief opportunity to catch your balance or grab at drifting bikini ties. It’s about the same length of time we’re told to travel with a child – just a few quick years between difficult baby and more difficult adolescent.

“Now is perfect,” Hadyn and I reasoned. An 18-month-old fit within that slim but respectable traveling time frame. The distance between Queenstown, New Zealand and Santa Monica, U.S.A. might be a billion waves. But to my daughter, who shrieks “I’m a flying fish” as Dad holds her aloft, jumping is the best part.

May tiny passages merely encourage us to venture through. . .

(Brought to you by Weekly Photo Challenge).

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

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  2. Such a lovely shot of your daughter and her dad. They look like they are having an amazing time. No matter where you are in the world, when you are able to connect or spend time with your loved ones, you feel all the love in the world. Distance can never be too far…or too narrow to stop us from enjoying ourselves 🙂

    • Beautiful response, Mabel, and so true! Distance, age and time are – like too many things – numbers we use to limit what we actually want to do, or where we want to be. You summed it up perfectly 🙂

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