455 Remarkable Days (On Staying In One Place For A Long Time)

The Remarkables range, staying in one place

My daily view: the Remarkables range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

What’s the longest period of time you’ve lived in one place?

455 days at one address is my newest record. I haven’t had such free access to a closet since University. And even then, postcodes differed between spring and autumn, when a change in location neatly marked the start and end of summer holidays.

Tidy life chapters – or, as I use them, excuses to start the next travel journal – appeal to me. Better than school semesters or birthdays, they are a constant clean slate. New postbox, new person.

Remarkables range, Queenstown New Zealand

The Remarkables range at dusk.

Yet staying in one place fosters change in it’s own way. I’ve rarely celebrated Christmas traditions under a traditional tree, or witnessed a full cycle of seasons out any one window. And this means I fail to notice Time’s subtle alterations on the world around me.

Until now. When a very settled position (we bought a house!) offered unexpected views, and a brand new perspective on what I’d previously considered familiar scenery.

Remarkable range, Queenstown

The Remarkables range in April.

15 months in Queenstown, New Zealand is a surprising achievement. Not just for its duration, but for its ability to alter my entire understanding of sedentary stability.

What can you learn from a seemingly stagnant image?

As the Greeks say, “Nothing is more permanent than temporary.” And when I finally learned to accept the irregularity of my situation, this semi-permanent address became a bigger adventure than having none.

Remarkables range in May

The Remarkables range in May.

You’d be surprised by what you can learn in 455 days. . .

Like, what magic hides in a full spice cabinet. Oh, the things you can cook!

Which may take a bit of practice, but as it turns out, not all useful skills are gleaned from a two-hour online course.

The Remarkables range in May.

Hobbies, as well, need hours and hours to truly cultivate.

Luckily, with a year or more to spare, you may finally have to time join a community of equally impassioned locals.

Remarkables mountain range

The Remarkables range in November.

Goals can be accomplished, or ignored, no matter where you are.

And friendships should be completely beyond the limitations of a calendar year; depending, instead, on open hearts and willing minds. (Just as common on long-haul flights as at neighborhood block parties).

For 455 days, these have been my efforts at a staying-put education. And this has been my view. . .

snow on the Remarkables range

The Remarkables range in June.

Tell me about your longest stay somewhere!


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