Travel Theme: Architecture

Australia’s architecture is determined by the tyranny of its distances.  4,100 km (2,547 m) between coasts create a country of stylistic opposites.

From the colonial domes of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station…

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

…to the adolescent grey growth of Perth’s Central Business District…

Perth, Western Australia

…and all the lonely places in between…

Nullarbor Plain, South Australia

It is a land of unimaginable extremes.  Structures are designed for survival, as are the people who inhabit them.  Australia is – for all its stereotypes – an undefinable mix.

At least, this is the Australia I remember.  The Australia I’m returning to.

Tomorrow morning, my boyfriend and I will perch gingerly in a teeny regional plane (I’ll perch; he’ll shake his head at my nerves and fervent ‘Hail Marys’) and watch South Australia expand below us.  Adelaide to Ceduna, then by car to Nundroo, our newest home.  This roadhouse along the Eyre Highway has two full time residents, a swimming pool, and the world’s largest population of Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombats.  My only expectations fall somewhere between absolute freedom (no wifi, no cell service) and complete, sanity-depraving cabin fever (no wifi, no cell service).

Stay tuned for our adventures, as we learn to live in isolation with the coastline, passing backpackers and a host of foreign marsupials!

(Brought to you by Where’s My Backpack?).

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