Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Culture has a creation point, when idea becomes tradition and inherently distinguishes us from every moment before and hereafter.

The Nemo Outhouse Races aren’t an old practice – South Dakota’s early small town settlers were not whiling away cold winters by dragging decorated toilets through their fields. But, now in its 7th season, the annual “Nemo 500” has become an anticipated and colorful local event.

Teams, costumed with themes like ‘Pooper Troopers’ and ‘Plunger Games’ speed down a snowy runway, stack t.p. and garner crowd support for their self-made rolling bathrooms.

4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. This looks like a day of amusement and frolics: something that everyone can join in – even if they’re not entirely sure of just what is going on.

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