Which Movies Inspire You to Travel?

You haven’t traveled if you haven’t been to India.

“What do you see that I don’t?”
“The light, colors, smiles….all life is here.”

Or, so I am told by anyone who’s ever thrown themselves into this complex country.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – about a fictional web of English pensioners who challenge and discover themselves abroad – flooded my senses. India, brought to the screen in exceeding passion, through the eyes of hesitant and aging, was overwhelming .  I (no surprise) cried.

When a book doesn’t suffice, and your wallet is empty, what do you watch to travel? Which movies take you away from reality?

In March, I will add “moving pictures” to my monthly reviews.  Beside my recommended armchair travel books and song playlists, you can follow an ever-growing list of transporting films. 

Share your favorite or most inspiring movies here, and I’ll give your blog a shout-out when I review them!

2 responses to “Which Movies Inspire You to Travel?

  1. There are a number of movies that I love to watch when I want to ‘travel’, but the movie I choose depends on where I feel like going. My two favorite places are a small town in North Carolina or Italy, so my go-to movies are The Notebook and Under the Tuscan Sun. I haven’t seen Eat Pray Love yet, but I did read the book and that made me want to follow her travel plans! I also second Roman Holiday as a great travel movie. Audrey Hepburn is absolutely timeless.

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