Flavor of the Week: The Hashbrown Burger

Pronounced (with the ethereal voice of an angel): hash brown burger

What I (or Jollibee, a favorite fast food chain in the Philippines), bring you now requires an open mind, a willing stomach, and a craving for the greasiest, tastiest, least healthy item of heavenly creation that you will ever – EVER – see on a menu, for as long as you shall live.

Stop and consider; two perfectly-crisped potato patties, hugging a thick and lean ground beef circle, smothered in processed cheese singles and just the right amount of ketchup.

Don’t be ashamed, take a bite.  Revel in the melted dairy goodness and spuddy concoction.

Steal the recipe for your next hangover.

More than worth the 15 minute wait it takes to heat up the unsterilized fryer at your nearest Jollibee location.

I don’t know about you, but as an American (with a unscrupulous digestive system),  I’d wait my whole life for something this awesome…

Try it for yourself….

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